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at 2020-05-13 00:41:08 by Kopaka [LAME]

Starting thursday may 21st in the morning we'll be having a longer server maintenance which means the game will be offline. Hoping it will be done during thursday but could extend to friday. During this maintenance the game and database will be moved to new servers. The goal of this move is to improve the server infrastructure, which should mean more secure, stable and responsive. If you are interested in the nerdy details read below.

The move includes moving all the data in the database which is why it takes a long time and we can't have it online in the meantime as it will cause inconsistencies in data. What you need to know is:

- Downtime starts thursday may 21st morning european time
- Downtime will end same day or the next
- After the downtime you need to enter a new IP in eolconf (check frontpage)

Nerdy details:
Moving most of the intrastructure from Dreamhost's Los Angeles server farm to Digital Ocean's London server farm
- Sorry americans but you had good ping for a decade now it's the europeans' turn

Game server moves from "Dreamcompute" vps (1gb memory, 80gb ssd, 1 vCPU, ubuntu 14.04) to "Droplet" vps (1gb memory, 25gb ssd, 1 vCPU, ubuntu 18.04)
- Similar specs, but the game doesn't really use a lot of resources
- Ubuntu 14.04 is EOL which you may think is a good thing for elma online but in this case it means end of life

Database server moves from managed mysql vps (300mb memory, unlimited ssd) to 2 "Droplet" vps with mysql with master and slave replication (2gb memory, 50gb ssd, 1 vCPU each)
- A managed vps means less to worry about (they handle redundancy, updates) but also less options
- A time delayed master and slave replication means we have redundancy, but also the ability to stop human errors and we can do big queries on slave without affecting the game
- Also updating engine from the EOL'd MyISAM to InnoDB which has row instead of table based locking which should minimize certain lags and be faster in general

Website remains on the current host on a managed VPS with php, while the new coming website is already hosted at the new host
- Old: 1gb memory, 30gb ssd, apache/php on ubuntu 14.04
- New: 1gb memory, 25gb ssd, caddy/nodejs on ubuntu 18.04



13 May 20

Thanks for info! Looking forward to some improvements. Will try not to make cup time in offline mode.

AndrY [.lev]

14 May 20


tej [.lev]

14 May 20

Good thing servers are moving to London. Wasn't fair they were in NA when the majority of players are in Europe.

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