Finnish Elma Meet 2017 plans

at 2017-02-15 18:43:50 by Lousku [BAP]

Finnish Elma Meet will be held again this year sometime in July or August. Right now you can affect the specific dates by answering this poll. Answer as soon as possible! Discussion and more info is found on Mopolauta. Join the IRC channel too, #fem2017 @ IRCnet. You can also access the channel from #fem on Elma Discord.

For those who don't know what FEM is about, it's a relaxed week-long meetup in the Finnish countryside for all kuskis. It's not exclusive to Finns or any specific group, and each year there have been attendees from other countries. English is the main language used. Activities generally include various Elma contests (beer battle, levpack contests, TT battles...), outdoor activities (disc golf, volleyball, geocaching, forest trails...), sauna (three different saunas including a smoke sauna, because this is Finland) and whatever else you want to arrange. Take a look at photos from last years: FEM 2015 and FEM 2016.

If you're interested but unsure about travel or other details, check out last year's FEM topic. Some of the details in that topic will change and more info will be posted in this year's topic once the dates are decided. Everything can be made easy and you can arrange things like carpooling if you're active early on.

In other news, don't forget Golden Apple Awards 2016 final show will be held this Sunday, 19th of February, 20:00 EET (GMT+2) in IRC, #gaa @ IRCnet. You can also follow the show via Elma Discord's #events channel. More info on the GAA site and Mopolauta.

After the GAA show, World Cup 7 will start! If you're not stoked already, it's high time to get stoked!


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