World Cup 7 starts in one week

at 2017-02-12 15:59:29 by Kopaka [LAME]

Elasto Mania World Cup 7 is getting close. The first event starts in one week on february 19th 2017. There will be a total 15 events and levels to compete in, with throphies for top 3. You can read more about it on the World Cup site

If you are new to World Cups here's a quick introduction: Once a week (in most cases) there will be a new level you can download on or, you play this, try to get as good a time as possible before the deadline and upload your replay on There will be a form on the frontpage to upload.

There's currently a preperation cup going on, you can use this to get to know the cup system if you haven't tried it before:

On anoter note today is the last day to vote for the Golden Apple Awards 2016. You can do so here: The show will be on february 19th just before World Cup 7 starts.


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