New IP on sunday jan 15th

at 2017-01-14 13:04:50 by Kopaka [LAME]

Elma Online will be getting a new IP tomorrow January 15th at 12:00 EET. The new IP will be: Simply change this in eolconf.exe after noon tomorrow and you will be good.

The reasoning behind this is that the host is closing down the cluster of servers we are currently on and therewere we are moving to another. This one has some better hardware, but unlikely something we'll notice. The downtime should be just a few minutes as it is already running on the new server, so we just need to switch which database it uses.

Also remember that World Cup 7 is closing in. We can now announce that it is starting on February 19th 2017. More info on length and structure will follow soon. If you are still working on a level you should try to send it soon, preferably before the end of this month.


Kopaka [LAME]

15 Jan 17

It's done.


18 Jan 17

Hello, i have a little problem, i changed that IP, but everytime i try to run eol, my windows get an bluescreen and shut off, it never before happen to me from this game, but i dont play it long time, is it possible to be happening this just because of that IP or can it be because i dont run the game few months? Thanks for any help. :)

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