GAA 2015 & next gen server test

at 2015-12-17 12:21:09 by Kopaka [LAME]

Let's all exhale before we inhale fresh air filled with creativity and energy to help the community come up with good candidates for this years GAA gala. To sum up 2015 we're currently collecting what the community consider noticeable candidates for the 2015 Golden Apple Awards. What that means is, the first step of the GAA show has begun and you can contribute to the show in this Mopolauta thread.

A member of the community, Domovoy, have been working on a new EOL server implementation. The point of this is to have one that we can actively develop, which means possibility of bug fixes and some new features. This has now begun public beta testing. Server is running on, port is 4460, connect with your usual client and usual credentials. The web-interface is at You can go there and look at battles and stuff, all as usual.

For more info see this Mopolauta thread.

In order to get some more testing done we'll arrange some testing nights where we encourage people to come and test so there's actually some people to play with. The first will be this friday december 18th starting at 21:00 EET for two hours (of course you are more than welcome to continue playing more). Come online on the test server, play some battles, start some battles of varying types (old levels are okay!), play some levels, some multi, some spying etc. The important things to test are that all the various features you know from the current server works and that they work as expected, for example you see the right times in results, and to just get some data generated so we can see that it saves correctly in database.

If you participate in at least 10 battles throughout the testing nights (there will be more next year) you will get a tester achievement on the eol site, but more importantly you help the development of a new eol server, one that we can actively improve.


Mrrrr [BAP]

17 Dec 15

I'm looking forward both to the GAA awards thread and also to the testing. Hopefully I will be online tomorrow for 2 hours.

Thanks for new server and all the hard work on all servers!

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