Welcome to the Elasto Mania online website. Elma online is a patch for the game Elasto Mania which enables online play, such as battles, multiplay and watching others. To get started install the game and register on this site.


Elma Online is an online patch for Elasto Mania which enhances the game with online capabilities, such as the ability to see other players playing the same level, saving all stats in a database and playing live battles in-game. More

In order to play Elma Online you need a full version of the game, upgraded to 1.2 and download the Online patch here in order to update it to EOL: Download EOL Download 1.2 More

Check the following fields in eolconf.exe: 1st Nick same as your login on this site, Password same as your login on this site, 2nc Nick tickbox unticked, IP set to, TCP Port set to 4460, UDP Port set to 4461. More

In order to start a battle you need battle starting rights. Ask a moderator to give you this, but don't ask before you have played a couple handfuls of battles, so they know you know what battles are. Then open startbattle.exe in your EOL folder, select a level under External, change parameters if you wish and click Start. Make sure you start only your own levels that have never been published before. Mods Rules More

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