Welcome to the Elasto Mania online website. Elma online is a patch for the game Elasto Mania which enables online play, such as battles, multiplay and watching others. To get started install the game and register on this site.

Elma Online Trailer

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Server migration (12 May 20)

Starting thursday may 21st in the morning we'll be having a longer server maintenance which means the game will be offline. Hoping it will be done during thursday but could extend to friday. During th..

Elasto Mania on Steam (30 Apr 20)

Golden Apple Awards 2019 – public voting is open (9 Feb 20)

FEM 2019 (4 Jun 19)

72 hours left to vote for GAA 2018! (18 Feb 19)

Golden Apple Awards 2017 voting (3 Feb 18)

Finnish Elma Meet 2017 starts today! (19 Jul 17)

Finnish Elma Meet 2017 plans (15 Feb 17)

World Cup 7 starts in one week (12 Feb 17)

New IP on sunday jan 15th (14 Jan 17)

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