Summary of August

at 2015-09-11 04:45:55 by Lousku [BAP]

August had lots of activity with Finnish Elma Meet 2015 and many other things. Here's a summary in arbitrary order.

But first, niN's MästarRäcer 3 has already started! It was hindered by problems with EOL's host, but the situation is better at the moment, so the cup is running. Deadline for the first event is already on 12.9. so I apologize for posting this so late. Anyway, there will be 10 events with 2 skips. More details and discussion on Mopolauta.

Finnish Elma Meet was very successful! We had good long discussions about Elma and everything else, filming and interviews for insane guy's documentary project, sauna by the pond (even smoke sauna), board games, hiking in the forests and of course numerous Elma contests. Contests included the beer battle (won by ville_j again), FEM quiz (results pending), zebra's battle cup, total time battles by insane guy, Ramone, zebra, ville_j and BarTek and 6 first internals contest. Most levels from the meet are found by searching "f15" on EOL site. For contest results, reports, afterthoughts and some photos, here's a link to the first post during FEM. A proper big photo album and other stuff is still on its way, so keep an eye on the topic. You should join next year!

Zero and Ramone released a pair of levelpacks called HALF 1 & HALF 2. It has stirred up lots of activity and even woken up some inactive players. Aside from the great playability we take for granted from these designers, Zero also invented a rather clever visual technique for this pack. It allows him to create totally original visuals using only the original pictures in default.lgr with a trick that is actually effortless. So it's highly recommended to at least check through these levels with high details on. Records will be compiled into a movie on February 14. Discussion on Mopolauta.

nick-o-matic's First Finish Cup 5 was held on EOL during FEM. It consisted of 10 events with 5 skips. Markku won with 150 points, followed by adi (134 points) and Lousku (113 points). Full results and some plans of the next FF cup on Mopolauta.

ReDesign Cup 2 ended after 7 events. finman won with 535 points and 3 event wins, roope was second with 475 points and 1 event win, and Pascal was close third with 460 points and 2 event wins. Full results are found on ReDesign Cup site and Mopolauta. Replays for each event are found on recsource by searching "rdc2e" followed by the event number, for example rdc2e6. And as always, you can merge as many replays as you want by opening a replay and ctrl-clicking replays under recommendations.

SkypeC04 was finally finished and battled during FEM. It was a long project by finman, Danielj, Pab, roope, Lousku and Zero, started almost a year ago. Lukazz was very close to finishing but got killed by the bug that stops your run at the end of a battle and doesn't register your result, so he was the actual winner. The level has not been finished by anyone yet.

Ded turned 70 years old and received 2 cards from the community. The first one was organized by Madness and handed to Ded by Honza. The second one was organized by nick-o-matic and made at FEM. Ded posted his thanks on Mopolauta.

b0ne started organizing a collaborative saveload speedrun of internals. All bugs are allowed, including bug bounces of any strength, passing through ground and hooked bugs. It might sound pointless at first, but commonly accepted legitimate play has essentially arbitrary limits that are simply removed in this project. There are some detailed explanations of tricks with example replays, such as this clear demonstration of clipping through ground. More details, rules for participating, example replays, good discussion and arguments on Mopolauta.

Smibu updated Elmanager.

Pab updated Battle notifier.

A 24-hour TT battle is being planned by adi, Lukazz and Mielz. Discussion on Mopolauta. Some suitable styles are planned and shared in that topic, such as this bounceless shortcut in Labyrinth Pro by adi.

Schumi found a very old level by MUe (the designer of Bowling), killerb.lev, which isn't known to have been played much previously. Maybe it was too complex when it was made. It was played quite much in FEM and a handful of funny routes were found, but of course one seems to be dominant. Discussion on the level itself and internals in general on Mopolauta.

Bludek finished his BluR pack with BluR999.lev. It was won by GRob with 36,80.

Schumi started a new concept of internal remixes: Extended Internals with the idea of continuing the style of each level by adding new polygons. He welcomes submissions from other designers too.

milagros raised an idea of taking old levelpacks and playing them in a cup format to improve records with modern skills. Discussion on Mopolauta.

Schumi started a topic to gather some old quality levels on Mopolauta.

And lastly, some notable replays from recsource:

Kazan shared a saveload replay in HALF2N, generating some discussion on Mopolauta about sharing replays in levelpacks that are actively played.

Zero drove a fun replay, 32zer11421.rec in Steep Corner, piping the long hang both ways. Without saveload, of course.

Bjenn made an impressive afterbattle bounce, MRush227bj.rec.

b0ne saveloaded 13,81 in Warm Up with a wheelpop and a great turn, 01be1381.rec.

This one I should have included in the last post: b0ne and Kazan's saveloaded 19,69 in Uphill Battle, 05beK1969sl.rec.

Zero's WR in EOL50.lev, EOL50zer.rec.

Zero's clean run in his own pipe, TrasjP52zer.rec.

Zero's long climb from bottom to top in HALF2M.lev, HALF2Mclimbzer.rec.

Thanks to Chris for reporting false stats in my previous post. We're not sure what the problem behind that is and currently there are many more important issues on Kopaka's plate, so those stats will be temporarily omitted.


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