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at 2015-09-05 21:26:53 by Kopaka [LAME]

As you may have noticed the EOL website has been offline for a couple of days. If you haven't followed the updates on Mopolauta or Facebook here's a short recap. The database server was moved internally at the host last weekend, for reasons unknown this server wasn't able to handle the EOL stuff we run on it, so the game and the site starting to slow down and eventually stop working. Restarting the server would help momentarily, but kept ending up the same way. So I took the site offline which seemed to be the culprint, so the EOL game could stay online.

Fast forward a few days and I finally had time to look more into it. I made some optimizations on the website, so trying to put it back now. As I have been working on a minor visual and major frontend code update for the site for a while now I made the optimizations as part of that version of the site, so I am releasing that new version now as well. Furthermore making a move to a new VPS they are now offering at the same host, same price but with SSD and 3 times as much memory. And don't worry, I have been running a copy of the site on that server for about a month to test it, so it is working fine. Also applied an update to PHP 5.6.

The primary feature of the new version of the site, is using the bootstrap framework which enables a responsive design, which means it optimizes the layout depending on the size of your screen, so it will work as well on a phone as on a big desktop computer. With this I've also done an overhaul of the layout, same general design but what is hopefully a cleaner look and a better overview. Furthermore a number of bug fixes and smaller improvements around the site.

It should be noted that a couple of things has been temporary disabled due to lack of a quick way to optimize it. This includes chat log and selecting a player on a level pack.


Bjenn [EF]

5 Sep 15

Wow awesome job Kopaka!! I love you <3

kuchitsu [TR]

5 Sep 15

Yeah, thanks for the hard work!


6 Sep 15

You Rock!

Polarix [TR]

9 Sep 15

All Hail Kopaka!

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