Welcome to the Elasto Mania online website. Elma online is a patch for the game Elasto Mania which enables online play, such as battles, multiplay and watching others. To get started install the game and register on this site.

Elma Online Trailer

Watch more elma videos on the EOL youtube channel.


Finnish Elma Meet 2017 plans (15 Feb 17)

Finnish Elma Meet will be held again this year sometime in July or August. Right now you can affect the specific dates by answering this poll. Answer..

World Cup 7 starts in one week (12 Feb 17)

New IP on sunday jan 15th (14 Jan 17)

Golden Apple Awards public voting is open (9 Jan 17)

World Cup 7 starts this february (14 Nov 16)

GAA 2015 show (19 Feb 16)

GAA 2015 & next gen server test (17 Dec 15)

New IP soon (30 Nov 15)

Summary of August (10 Sep 15)

Site back and with an update (5 Sep 15)

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